Since our amazing volunteers Annie, Dean, Ted, Erica, Jesse and Harmony came on board with the women’s shelter project, progress has reached a level we could never have dreamed of in such a short space of time.

Here are some of the generous donations we have received:

Electric tools: drills (5) drill press, hammer drill, (4) cordless drill (2), jigsaw (2), planer (3), angle grinder (3), orbital sander (2), belt sander, reciprocating saw, chainsaw, saw, blower.

Many assorted tools: screw drivers, hammers, chisel bolster, spray paint equipment, tin snips, plumbob, set squares, pop riveter, concrete drill bits, post hold differ, long handled shovel, short handle shovel, axe, sledge hammer, mattock, pick axe, secateurs, hand drills, hand saws, wire brushes, funnels, pliers, cold chisels, wood chisels, bolsters, spirit level, tool carry tray, trowel, steel float, carpenters belt, rolls of cable, power points, light batons, fluoros, junction boxes, internal fuse box, sundry switches.

Welder (2), Wheelbarrow, sack truck, power boards, tap ware, hose and hose reel, extension leads, cement mixer, air compressor

Gyprock to complete the entire house

Truss design

Sealer, interior and exterior paint, enough to complete the entire house

Free delivery of our shipping container from Port Adelaide to our loading site

Enough plumbing supplies to complete the entire house, from toilet sets, to taps, sinks and basins

Power points, light switches, and electrical supplies to complete the house

Internal frame strapping, screw bolts, blades, many miscellaneous tools

Hardware at a massive discount

For the children:

Backpacks (43), Exercise books (131) Colouring pencils and textas (44 packets) Lead pencils (84)

Pens (124) Coloured pens (20) Pencil cases (50) Pencil sharpeners (53) Erasers (32) White paper reams (2)

Glue sticks (11) Transparent tape (2) White out tape, Lined pads (7) Clear document cases (9) Fine texta pens, Rulers (40) Knitted teddy bears (34) Matchbox cars

Sheets, towels, and many miscellaneous donations

Cash raised in excess of $6,000 which has been used to purchase building supplies at wholesale and trade prices from many generous suppliers.

Our incredible donors include so many generous souls including:

Margaret, Robert, Larry, Ray, Gary, Peter, Greg, Malcolm, Neil, Frank, Tony, Daryl, Marcus, Murray, Sam, Steve, Zimmy, Sal and of course Annie, Dean, Ted, Erica, Jesse and Harmony.

Corporate donors we wish to show our deepest gratitude to:


CSR – Adam Ball

Oakridge Building Design – Matt Opie

Dulux Group – Heath Knott

Port Containers – Ashley Walmsley

Reece Plumbing – Joshua Green


Langmeil Winery

MM Electrical – Adrian Marston

BGI Building Group – Neil Zerna

Hallidays – David

Bianco Building Supplies – Alex


We have almost finished loading the container, which is due for collection on Thursday. It will then make it’s way to Ghana in time for the next big step in our dream – building the shelter.

Words seem inadequate to express our gratitude for the incredible work, kindness and generosity of everyone involved to date.

From the bottom of our love filled hearts – thank you, because of you, our dream is coming true and we can finally provide a place of safety and comfort for the most disadvantaged women in Ghana.

Shanton and Rae-Anne