Aussieghana Relief was founded in 2010 when we Rae-Anne (Aussie) and Shanton (Ghana) moved to Ghana for a year. We wanted to do something to contribute to the plight of the most disadvantaged; the women and children.

Our projects have all been completely self-funded to date, as we wanted to be able to make a direct contribution and impact, from the heart.

In 2016 we began to embark on our most ambitious project yet – building the Aussieghana Relief Women’s Shelter. This will be the first Women’s Shelter in Ghana.

Our Objectives

  • To provide a dependable source of support and relief for victims of domestic violence and broken homes in poverty ridden communities of West Africa.


  • To cater for the welfare of orphans, street children, especially the girl child and displaced youth groups in deprived and under-served communities of West Africa.


  • To support career growth and development initiatives for skilled/talented but needy youth groups in West African Communities.


  • To support distressed Women and Children in conflict ravaged communities of West Africa.


  • To support Community-Based Youth Volunteer groups with education and skill training programs for their future job security and career orientations.